Carly Vivian is a great fit as speaker for events, particularly large internal company presentations dealing with change.

In addition to topics below, Carly is fantastic at developing speeches that fit unique situations and needs. Contact us to talk about a custom-developed speech for your next meeting or event.

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Flip The Switch On Change

This humorous and entertaining speech is designed to deliver three powerful messages:

  • Shift listeners attitude toward change
  • Illustrate that change skills are learnable
  • Motivate listeners to learn how to move through transitions with flow and ease


Change is constant and occurs from the day we’re born.  We receive vital lessons in everything from reading and writing, driving a car, learning to swim, skydiving, flying a plane, sailing a boat. Even in something as mundane as table etiquette, we receive lessons in order to do it correctly. Yet we’re never taught how to do change.

Major shifts are something that happens to us all the time and we’re expected to automatically know how to succeed. Change is one of the rare things that give the test first…and then we get the lesson. What’s possible if we flip the switch on it? If we get the lessons FIRST by being taught how to go through transition?

Operating From Intention

This moving and motivational speech is designed to deliver three powerful messages:

  • Take personal control over your actions and attitudes during times of change
  • Be intentional in how you live life
  • Know that every day matters


In today’s busy ever-changing environment, it’s crucial for individuals and leaders to remain focused on their business and fulfill roles and responsibilities. But overwhelming change can hit us on a variety of fronts causing a loss of focus and energy.

During this one-hour speech, Carly creates a shared sense of awareness, agreement, and a connection with audience members. She helps listeners personally realize that each of them has gone through some type of significant change during the past year – whether good or challenging, personal or work-related. Listeners perceive the lesson that while they can’t always control the circumstances; they can control how they deal with change which has an important and lasting benefit.