Our Approach

Cogency Group’s Tuning Within™ is a profound approach to organizational change that results in REAL and lasting improvements driven from the inside out. We teach executives and managers how to create transformative gains within their organizations using techniques that:

  • Boost employee morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve performance impacting the bottom line

To create accelerated results, leaders apply four frames to tune within.

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The long-standing perception that all transitions create turmoil and pain is erased with our solutions and training. Negative attitudes, fear and uncertainty are replaced with acceptance, opportunity, and positive mind shifts that invigorate the organization.

Cogency Group’s approach unifies whole-hearted leadership and connection to people with rigorous attention to performance and results. Based on our extensive research, expertise, and time-tested processes, we help leaders shift how change is viewed and processed throughout every level in the organization.

Nature provides the perfect example to shift from ordinary to extraordinary through the process of Metamorphosis. Watch the video below to see how Cogency Group’s Tuning Within™ helps reshape organizations.

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