If you’re responsible for leading an organization – whether an organization of one or hundreds of thousands – you must stop and watch this video.



MORE THAN HALF of all efforts to transform organizational performance FAIL because senior leaders neglect to act as role models for change as people in the organization defend the status quo.

However, companies that identify and address pervasive mindsets at the beginning of a change initiative are much more likely to succeed – up to FOUR TIMES as successful – according to a recent McKinsey study.

CEOs and leaders – already stretched for time – now find themselves additionally responsible for:

  • Anticipating the need for change
  • Setting the vision for desired outcomes
  • Managing the introduction and implementation of the process
  • Creating a supportive atmosphere to usher in the transition

But attempting to implement shifts in a business can be like trying to turn around a freight train. The momentum of past decisions and strategies and the ingrained status quo can seem not only stubborn and difficult to reform, but absolutely overwhelming and irreversible.

The key is not only knowing where and when change should originate, but having leaders prepared to show the way and act as role models to shepherd the changes.

Are your leaders trained to lead change?